Sunday, July 21, 2013

Travel Writer's Recommendation - Greece - Rhodes

I have a recommendation for all of you who love Greece: Richard Clark's book, "Rhodes - A Notebook" available on Amazon.

Its accolades are best said in an Amazon Review by Sara Alexi:

“Trying to describe R.Clark style of writing is like trying to describe dew on a spider’s web, or the line between sky and sea, his use of words is so beautiful, subtle and soft it pulls wholeheartedly into his word. Right from the intro, his laid back, gentle monologue just keeps the pages turning. It is almost a guide book, but then again it is almost a history book, but what makes it special is that it is a very personal view of a fascinating island candidly written.
I can feel the sunlight 'calling me on deck to see the emerging dawn', I can see the 'inner city sink estates shamelessly shouting the odds on the otherwise beautiful coastline.' There is poetry in his words and through his eyes. I recommend anyone missing Greece, visiting Greece or just wishing they could go to Greece to take a look!”

Check it out on Amazon.

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