Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quebec City - Hotel de Glacé - Ice Hotel

I survived!! Details: After a warm jacuzzi (outdoors with a slight bit of snow in the air), I bundled up and headed into a massive block of beautifully carved ice (aka the hotel) and to rm 16, where I tried to remember all the dos and don'ts of properly getting into my sleeping bag for the night. I was greeted with success only to realize I hadn't turned off the light (yes, light) on the room's second bed. So I balanced on my Ugg boot, which I had already removed, careful not to touch the ice floor in my 'made-for-Arctic' socks (REI quote). That was the #1 don't: do not let anything touch the floor as it will not be warm again. Mission accomplished. Then I slept, perhaps not my best night's sleep, but I slept. Here's the scene I was greeted with this morning. #canada #quebec #quebeccity #icehotel #hoteldeglace #travelingcynthia #traveltips

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