Friday, May 15, 2015

RIP B.B. King - Nashville Feel-Good Story

In commemoration of legendary guitarist, B.B. King (DOD 5/14/15), known for his velvety voice and bringing the blues to the mainstream music scene, I wanted to share a Nashville feel-good story about my visit to B.B. King's Blues Club.
  Photo by Cynthia Dial
I visited Nashville a couple of years ago with a press group.  Due to bad weather, my flight was cancelled, necessitating a day on my own.  Having not yet had my fill of the Lower Broadway area and its nightly live music scene, I quizzed my concierge at The Hermitage.  As a single woman, where can I go for dinner, drinks and music and feel comfortable.  The answer: B.B. King's.  So, off I went.  Seated at a small table near the stage, enjoying the music with a nice glass of red wine and planning for my last Southern-style meal, I reached into my purse to discover I had no wallet. Rummaging through my entire bag, I confirmed: my wallet is missing.  Did I lose it?  Was it in my room (ladies, you'll understand as I changed out purses)? When I approached the manager with my situation, I explained that I was happy to leave my purse (as collateral) and walk back to the hotel, mail a check, or do whatever would suffice, I was at her mercy.  Her response:  "No worries, the wine is on us and please order whatever you would like for dinner, compliments of B.B. King's."  Now I know this wasn't a personal directive from the king himself, B.B., but I have a feeling it was reflective of the great man.     

RIP B.B. King, a Mississippi native, whose reign as "king of the blues" lasted more than six decades within the span of two centuries and who has been credited as a major influence on a generation of rock and blues musicians -- from Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Sheryl Crow and John Mayer.

Portions excerpted from CNN.

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