Wednesday, June 3, 2015

7 Countries Where US Dollar is Strong

The first in a long time, here are seven countries where the US dollar is strong:

Italy (or, um, just about anywhere in Europe)
Exchange rate: $1 = 0.91 euro
What it gets you: That heaping cup of authentic gelato? $2.50.

Photo by Cynthia Dial
Exchange rate: $1 = 134.30 Icelandic krónas
What it gets you: A full day of soaking in the “Oh my God, nature is outstanding” Blue Lagoon geothermal spa costs only $50.

Exchange rate: $1 = 33.68 Thai bahts
What it gets you: For just $12, you’ll get a 60-minute authentic Thai massage. You heard us. Twelve dollars.

Exchange rate: $1 = 9.84 Moroccan dirhams
What it gets you: Take home a classic wool Beni Ourain rug for as little as $500. (It’ll cost
three times that stateside.)

Exchange rate: $1 = $1.25 Canadian dollars
What it gets you: A double-double (that’s a coffee with two creams and two sugars) costs $1.36.

Exchange rate: $1 = 3.16 Brazilian reals
What it gets you: In the post-World Cup world, you can snag a pair of Havaianas for less than five bucks.

Exchange rate: $1 = 8.52 Swedish kronas
What it gets you: Historically, Sweden has been crazy-expensive. But with the krona down almost 30 percent this year, you can now score a beer for a remarkably reasonable $8. (Trust us: That’s reasonable in Scandinavian-speak.)

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