Monday, July 6, 2015

San Diego's 15 Best Waterfront Restaurants

For a Pacific Ocean situated city, it's a little known fact to non-res folks that San Diego isn't saturated with waterfront bars/restaurants.  That said, we do have a handful of not-to-be-missed on-the-water spots. came up with a list of the best, 15 of them.  In no particular order here are their picks. And though I admit to partiality, I'm beginning with my all-time fav, Stratford on the Harbor. Be sure to give a shout-out to family friend, co-owner Josh Arbenz, and with your breakfast order, go with the side of coffee cake (warning: it's addictive).
 Stratford on the Harbor
  1. Stratford on the Harbor, Oceanside
  2. Hello Betty Fish House, Oceanside
  3. C Level, Harbor Island
  4. JRDN, Pacific Beach
  5. Marine Room, La Jolla
  6. George's Ocean Terrace, La Jolla
  7. Jake's, Del Mar
  8. Pacific Coast Grill, Encinitas
  9. Seal80 Coastal Tavern, Imperial Beach
  10. Mitch's Seafood, Pt. Loma
  11. Oceana Coastal Kitchen, Pacific Beach
  12. Draft, Mission Beach
  13. Tidal, Mission Bay
  14. Wonderful Ocean Pub, Ocean Beach
  15. Harbor Fish & Chips, Oceanside
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