Friday, March 11, 2016

The Desire to Travel is Genetic

Excerpted from Nomadic Matt

Last year, I read an interesting article that said the desire to travel is genetic. While there’s no actual travel gene, there is a risk gene that most travelers tend to have. That makes sense to me. I think we are risk takers. Instead of just saying “I wish...”, we say “I will...”. 

Cynthia Dial 
Another Gypsy Soul
Travel may not be for everyone but I think what separates us doers from dreamers is that we’re willing to risk it all to make our dream of travel happen. The desire to do so comes from deep within our soul. We want to see the world and nothing is going to get in our way.
I've always felt I was a wanderer. I have friends and family love to travel and take vacations but not like me. I have a gypsy soul.

And science proves it.

Nomadic Matt

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