Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is Wanderlust Genetic?

Nomadic Matt wonders (and I agree with his assessment): Is there also personality type for travelers?
Photo by Cynthia Dial

Personally, I think people who break the mold and dream of faraway do have a certain personality type. They are mentally wired for it - both genetically and psychologically. I think we are risk takers who are little different from the rest. We want adventure, change, and excitement in our lives. That’s not to say other people don’t want travel too but we crave it like junkies.
There are those who are content with going on that one trip a year or two and then there are those that secretly have Google flights open at work every day.
Remember how in the 3rd Matrix movie "The Architect" (the guy at the center of the Matrix) told Neo that not everyone accepted the Matrix? There were always people who resisted the programming, thus the Matrix robots in the Matrix created Zion (and the never-ending war)?
Well, we’re like those people.

The typical path society wants us to walk down doesn’t jive with our wanderlust or our desire to keep pushing the boundaries of who we are and what we know about the world. 
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