Monday, March 12, 2018

In-flight Offences

According to research conducted by the flight comparison site, here are results of a survey conducted about inappropriate passenger behavior on airplanes. 
Photo by Cynthia Dial
Details: 398 US cabin crew members were polled about out-of-bounds actions they had experienced while working on planes. All those polled were American citizens, at least 21 years old and had worked as part of a cabin crew for at least 6 months. Answers revealed the following stats:

  • Two in three (67%) had witnessed passengers being aggressive or violent to one another
  • Almost half (48%) of cabin crew members had been propositioned by passengers
  • 38% of cabin crew members had been insulted by passengers
  • One in ten (10%) had experienced passengers violence first hand, of these three quarters (75%) sustained an injury as a result
 A spokesperson from commented on the findings:

“It’s not appropriate or acceptable to behave disrespectfully to others and to those in uniform, and being thousands of feet in the air doesn’t change this fact. Cabin crew members have a right to go about their daily work without these impositions. This behavior is serious and unlawful; it should be treated with zero tolerance. When you are in a confined space with others it is ever more important to behave in the right way and treat both other passengers and workers around you with consideration.”

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