Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel Tips . . . Country by Country

In ARGENTINA, do tip a movie theater usher 50 centavos & don't eat on the street or on public transportation.

Photo by Cynthia Dial

In ESTONIA, do give odd numbers of flowers, not even.

In ROMANIA, don't put your napkin on your lap. Leave it on the table.

In SOUTH KOREA, don't cross your chopsticks when putting them on the chopstick rest.

In NEW ZEALAND, don't ever, ever confuse New Zealanders with Australians.

In INDIA, don't wear tight clothes or clothes that expose skin in more rural areas. Exposing skin or tight clothes may suggest that you're either too poor to dress well or that you're shameless about showing your body.
In KENYA, don't use your left hand while eating.

In GREECE, do join at the back of the line when getting up to dance, not the front, if you are a beginner.

In MEXICO, do be fashionably late! Thirty minutes late is appropriate. Arriving early or even on time is considered rude.

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