Friday, June 7, 2013

Airline Passenger Group Endorses “This Is Your Passenger Speaking” Campaign

Campaign to Put an End to Hidden Fees in Air Travel
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Association for Airline Passenger Rights, (AAPR) today announced its endorsement of the "This Is Your Passenger Speaking" ( campaign, which calls on the U.S. Department of Transportation to put an end to hidden fees in air travel. The campaign is being spearheaded by the Open Allies for Airfare Transparency.

Photo by Cynthia Dial

This Is Your Passenger Speaking is hosting an electronic petition on their website,, as well as other action steps people can take to support the campaign's efforts.

"The Association for Airline Passenger Rights is committed to improving price transparency within the airline industry, and ending the practice of hidden fees for checked baggage, seats, boarding options and other ancillary services," said Brandon M. Macsata, Executive Director of the Association for Airline Passenger Rights. "To that end, we have publically endorsed this campaign because it represents a unique opportunity for individual passengers, business groups, travel agents and all aviation stakeholders to unite behind greater transparency."

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