Monday, June 3, 2013

Queen Elizabeth's 60th Anniversary Celebration of Coronation in United Kingdom

Jun 02, 2013

LONDON, England - Today the cities around the UK celebrated the 60th anniversary of the British monarch's coronation. Queen Elizabeth II marked the occasion in private after spending a day at the races.

The Queen took the throne on February 6, 1952 upon the death of her father king George VI, but to allow for a period of national mourning, she was only crowned 16 months later in London's Westminster Abbey.
The Queen will be joined by the royal family and 2000 guests at the abbey on Tuesday for a service celebrating the anniversary.

The Queen's coronation was the first to be televised and more than 20 million people in Britain watched it live while another 11 million listened on the radio. The event sparked the popular growth of television in Britain.

On Sunday the BBC broadcast for the first time a digitally remastered version of its original black-and-white footage from 1953.

It was broadcast 60 years on to the very minute: from 10.15am to 17.20 pm local time.

Recounting the events of June 2, 1953, Lady Moyra Campbell, one of Queen Elizabeth's maids of honour at the coronation, told Sky News television it was an "unforgettable day".

"There was that amazing sincerity with which she made those incredibly solemn promises and I, for one, thank God that I have been blessed with a life long enough to see those promises fulfilled in a way that I would challenge anyone else to do," she said.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper said in its editorial: "We couldn't have known it at the time but 60 years ago today we crowned one of the greatest monarchs in our history."

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