Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Around-the-World Luxury Suites Showcase Everything

Wow, this is luxury. What's the most luxurious of your hotel accommodations? Mine included a butler and I was too embarrassed to ask him to do anything (that admission in itself is embarrassing).

Check out this Wall Street Journal article, "Hotels Race to Create the Best Suites," and get the scoop on these around-the-world suites.

IN THE QUARTERS at the top of a Victorian-era building overlooking London's Thames River, no detail has been overlooked. The two-bedroom, duplex space has bathrooms clad in honey-colored onyx and Skyros marble, with shelves lined in leather. There is a semicircular living room, a walk-in wine cellar and a spa suite. If stairs are not your thing, an elevator will gently lift you to the upper level.

For details on these luxury suites, go here.

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