Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fashion News - Bittersweet - Bracelet/Ponytail holder

Fashion News:  The latest on the jewelry fashion scene is an unexpected solution to the phenomenon of females wearing as a bracelet (albeit an unattractive one) their elastic ponytail holder on their wrist to ensure, when needed, it's readily available.

Come to the rescue Bittersweet and its founders and owners, Shirleen Palsson and her husband, Arni Ingimundarson, both engineers, who designed a collection of steel plated and sterling silver (silver, gold and rose gold colors) bracelets, onto which the elastic hair holder fits and actually enhances the bracelet.  The price is from $45 to $85.
Photos by Cynthia Dial

To complement this collection is the new addition of b+sweet -- its colorful, less expensive option -- for the younger set.

To view the current collection, go here.

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