Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Travel - Dress the Part

Excerpted from Teach Yourself Travel Writing by Cynthia Dial

It is my Holland experience that comically underscores the cultural differences in dress. Visiting as a participant of a golf press trip, I was apprised of the expected attire -- long (not short) pants, collared shirt and golf shoes (no tennis shoes). As a beginner, I was careful to follow the rules, not wishing to draw unwanted attention to myself. Thus, I carefully dressed for the outing at our first golf venue, a public course near Amsterdam.

As we approached the 9th hole I noticed spectators on the opposite side of a water hazard, standing hands on hips. Without my glasses it wasn't until I reached the green that I realized they had no clothes on. The course was next to a nudist camp and apparently two of its participants were golf enthusiasts as well. And I was concerned about wearing a collared shirt!

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