Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wow Deal Destinations of 2016

TravelZoo announced its list of the top five Wow Deal Destinations where they anticipate -- and are already seeing -- amazing deals throughout 2016, in comparison with years past.

Complete with some hints, here is the list of where you should be off to this year:
Photo by Cynthia Dial

~ This neighboring country's currency is at an 11-year low, which means there's a "25% off" sticker on everything when using the U.S. dollar.

Answer: Canada

~ New government rules and regulations open up travel to this island -- visit now while it's still got an authentic vibe.

Answer: Cuba

~ A hotel boom of 30,000 rooms in less than a decade makes them easier to afford in this historically pricey city.

Answer: New York City

~ A low-fare airline propelled others to competitively drop prices (less than $500 roundtrip from the U.S.!), while Disney's "Frozen" helped put this country on the map to a generation of new travelers.

Answer: Norway

~ An increase in flights between the U.S. and this tropical destination plus seven brand-new hotels = the lowest fares in years and 4-star resorts for less than $150.

Answer: Puerto Vallarta

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